Waterproof Urethane coatings

  • Roofs, Sundecks, Existing wooden decks, Porches above cellars

Custom Image seamless flooring

Low voltage Step and surface lighting

Polyaspartic and Epoxy coatings

  • Garage floors
  • Basement floors
  • Interior applications

Commercial/institutional Seamless flooring

Aggressive Non-slip coatings

  • Steps, Walkways, commercial locations

Gentle non-slip w/silica sand

  • Pool decks, Patios, non-waterproof locations

Aluminum Handrails

  • Custom made top rail posts maximum 16’ apart
  • Aluminum railings with glass
  • Beverage rail
  • Low voltage railing lighting

Concrete Restoration

  • Crack repair, Grinding, Resurfacing

New Concrete

  • Steps, Flat work